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Dedicated problem-solver and advocate for clients

If a commercial dispute between you and your latest nemesis stands poised to jeopardize everything you have worked for, Neal Meinzer can help you.  With over two decades of experience solving big problems for business clients large and small, especially in the context of construction and development disputes, business divorces and real estate deals gone bad, Neal can help you efficiently wrangle your obstacles so you can get back to what you do best - earning a living.

More often than not, but especially when a given client lacks relative bargaining power against her adversary, or when the client otherwise lacks substantial litigation experience, valuable days or even weeks of the client's normal productivity fall prey to analysis paralysis while the client idly frets over a cascade of seemingly impossible choices and imagined ill-fated outcomes. 

Other times, the client's initial underlying dispute begets numerous tangentially related, but nonetheless menacing, pitfalls jeopardizing other client projects or goals; and the collective magnitude of one problem dividing into three amplifies the client's angst to a near boiling point. 

If this sounds all too familiar, Neal can help you. 

After 20+ years of handling diverse multi-faceted problems for commercial clients of every order, with an emphasis in construction disputes, conflicts arising in real estate and development arenas, and business partner fallouts, Neal brings the experience-based pragmatic skills to assess complex legal and practical considerations, calm the turbulence, and develop and execute a reasoned, thorough and effective plan to get you back into your productive zone. 

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