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Clear Diligence

Waller’s alternative legal service provider, Clear Diligence, offers due diligence and project management services to companies seeking fast, thorough and accurate analysis on transactional matters.

Clear Diligence’s team of reviewers works seamlessly with Waller’s attorneys and corporate and legal deal teams to provide virtual data room (VDR) assistance, diligence project management, contract review and data abstraction services for both buyers assessing a transaction and for sellers preparing schedules for representations and warranties in the purchase agreement, and other deal support services.

The Clear Diligence team has assisted in many projects ranging from due diligence on early-stage investments to the review of thousands of contracts for large-scale acquisitions, resulting in matrices that provide clients with the information they need to make key decisions early in the transaction process. Because Clear Diligence leverages advanced software platforms, implements tested systems, and employs attorneys and staff specializing in providing corporate diligence services, quality and accuracy are assured, while services are right-sized to the project, enabling us to keep costs down.

In conjunction with Clear Diligence’s services, the firm also utilizes Kira, a powerful machine learning software tool that identifies, extracts, and analyzes text in contracts and other documents. Kira has over 500 built-in provision models and is customizable for deal specific clauses. The tool streamlines the contract analysis and due diligence required for M&A transactions, saving attorney time and cost for our clients. In addition, attorneys can gain visibility into any repository of documents for deal specific needs. Implementing Kira firm-wide has been invaluable in streamlining data analysis.


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