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Administrative & Legislative Advocacy

Legislative advocacy and government influence can often be the deciding factor in an organization's economic development expansion plan. Knowing how to properly navigate the ever-changing landscape of federal, state and local government is crucial for success.

Waller's government relations team supports clients through lobbying, monitoring of legislation and compliance counseling. We are seasoned professionals with an unparalleled knowledge of the most effective ways to work with lawmakers and regulatory bodies at every level to gain support for initiatives and organizations.


Lobbying provides Waller clients access to government officials, acts as an educational tool and allows individual interests to gain power in numbers. From developing messaging strategies to preparing public comments for proposed administrative rules and regulations, to attending one-on-one meetings to advocate our clients' positions, Waller is a go-to resource. Waller attorneys will: 

  • Promote, oppose or amend specific legislation and administrative rulemaking proceedings for clients
  • Legislative and regulatory drafting services
  • Represent clients at legislative committee meetings and hearings
  • Represent clients at administrative proceedings, including drafting comment letters and navigating the administrative process
  • Provide and coordinate public testimony
  • Prepare public comments to proposed administrative rules and regulations
  • Attend one-on-one meetings to advocate our clients' interests
  • Participate in stakeholder groups and processes for or on behalf of clients
  • Develop messaging strategy for clients


Our government relations team tracks federal, state and local legislation and proposed regulations of interest to our clients. Other services include:

  • Reviewing proposed legislation to identify bills and proposed laws that may impact clients
  • Daily review of status changes on selected bills
  • Attendance at committee hearings, public hearings and debates
  • Timely reporting to clients
  • Developing messaging strategy for clients 

Advocating on Regulatory Issues

Our goal is to work with government officials on behalf of our clients by putting our knowledge and experience into action. Waller attorneys can:

  • Coordinate messaging with trade associations and other coalitions
  • Draft amicus briefs for attorney general opinion requests
  • Liaise with regulatory agencies and licensing boards
  • Represent clients in administrative proceedings and processes

Political Action Committee (PAC) and Election Finance Compliance Counseling

Waller regularly and successfully represents clients before the Tennessee Ethics Commission and Tennessee Registry of Election Finance. As a part of this representation, we advise clients on how they may legally take an active part in the election process. Services include:

  • Providing counsel regarding PAC contributions and limits
  • Assisting with PAC governance and compliance with federal and state campaign finance laws
  • Reviewing proposed state and local political contributions
  • Advising corporations or PACs on potential ramifications of contributions
  • Regularly and successfully representing clients before the Tennessee Ethics Commission and Tennessee Registry of Election Finance


In light of sweeping changes in healthcare regulations at both the federal and state levels, Waller attorneys routinely represent healthcare clients before the legislatures in Tennessee and Alabama.

Our extensive legislative and administrative lobbying experience includes initial, direct and multi-year participation and leadership in the passage of high-profile legislation. Example bills include those which:

  • Provide significant tort reform for providers in the state of Tennessee
  • Limit who can be named in medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Make certain healthcare surveys, inspections or investigations by governmental agencies inadmissible as evidence in medical malpractice cases
  • Enable mental health providers with statutory tools for more seamless admissions and operations

Our team of government relations professionals has drafted numerous legislative documents - including bills and summaries, policy papers, and amendments - and has a proven track record in securing capable, well respected legislative sponsors for successful passage of bills. We also serve as a liaison to and work in concert with a number of different trade and professional associations and interest groups concerning legislation. In the states that require it, our attorneys also counsel our provider clients through the Certificate of Need (CON) application and hearing process.


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