Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants & Bars

We understand the unique needs and concerns of those businesses that serve alcohol, including bar and restaurant owners.

With strong ties to industry leaders and regulators, Waller's team is well-positioned to help you make sense of the sometimes confusing - and always challenging - world of liquor and alcohol laws.

We provide counsel to bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol by:

  • For companies looking to expand through franchising, understanding the nexus of franchisor-franchisee business relationships with federal and state franchise laws and regulations
  • Assisting with finding the optimal business location including site selection and lease or purchase negotiations
  • Preparing and registering franchise disclosure documents and providing assistance with critical licensing agreements
  • Assisting with trademark registration, maintenance, protection and, when necessary, litigation
  • Handling alcohol licensing and registration procedures, and answering any questions along the way
  • Helping ensure regulatory compliance, including dealing with underage sales
  • Providing support with transactional matters, including raising capital and securing collateral
  • Assisting with a variety of compliance issues, including underage drinking safeguards and other liability issues
  • Helping with a host of labor and employment concerns, including wage-and-hour complaints and other personnel matters

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CapitalSpring assists restaurant group Connor Concepts in company’s recapitalization

Acted as legal advisor for CapitalSpring during the recapitalization of portfolio company Connor Concepts, a Knoxville-based restaurant group.

National restaurant chain involved in payment and lien claims

Defended payment and lien claims brought by general contractors for several Southeastern locations of a national restaurant chain.

Multiple celebrity honky tonk bars developed for historic Broadway in Nashville

Assisted T.C. Restaurant Group with the zoning, licensing and development of multiple celebrity honky tonk bars such as Luke Bryan's and Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar on historic Broadway in Nashville. We also assisted on developing the "open carry" policy where patrons can bring their beverages between the buildings.

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