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Restaurants & Bars

We understand the unique needs and concerns of bar and restaurant owners.

With strong ties to industry leaders and regulators, Waller's team is well-positioned to help you make sense of the sometimes confusing - and always challenging - world of liquor and alcohol laws.

We provide counsel to bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol by:

  • For companies looking to expand through franchising, understanding the nexus of franchisor-franchisee business relationships with federal and state franchise laws and regulations
  • Helping with a host of labor and employment concerns, including wage-and-hour complaints and other personnel matters
  • Preparing and registering franchise disclosure documents and providing assistance with critical licensing agreements
  • Assisting with trademark registration, maintenance, protection and, when necessary, litigation
  • Handling alcohol licensing and registration procedures, and answering any questions along the way
  • Helping ensure regulatory compliance, including dealing with underage sales
  • Providing support with transactional matters, including raising capital and securing collateral
  • Assisting with a variety of compliance issues, including underage drinking safeguards and other liability issues


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