Wineries, Distilleries & Breweries

Wineries, Distilleries & Breweries

Waller is a trusted advisor for wineries, distilleries and breweries, which each face their own unique operational and regulatory challenges.

Waller regularly works with manufacturers to obtain brewer's notices, DSPs and bonded winery approvals from the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), as well as COLAs and formula registrations for manufacturers anywhere in the United States. The team also navigates complex approvals for state and local permission for manufacturing, self-distribution and tasting rooms and handles tied-house and other compliance issues at federal and state levels.

Waller has unrivaled experience in Tennessee assisting alcohol manufactures with regulatory matters, including:

  • Assisting with site selection and ownership restrictions
  • Applying for and obtaining initial licensing
  • Maintaining all necessary permits and licenses
  • Handling compliance issues
  • Assisting in trade investigations
  • Advising on transfers of ownership and/or assets

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