Waller represents companies and high net worth individuals in high stakes commercial litigation across the country. Waller litigators are comfortable pursuing or defending claims and have extensive experience with virtually all types of claims, businesses and industries.

Clients come to Waller for our experience, skill and understanding of business. We recognize that time is money and take a pragmatic approach to resolving disputes. Early in the process, we help our clients understand what can realistically be achieved through litigation, and we partner with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is one of the most common disputes between and among businesses and can result in serious financial repercussions. We represent companies, professionals and entrepreneurs accused of violating the terms of a contract or wanting to hold another party accountable for breach of a contract. Waller's litigators have experience representing prominent companies and individuals in contract disputes across the country.

Non-compete Agreements

Waller's litigation team represents companies seeking to enforce non-compete agreements against departing personnel, employers looking to hire employees subject to non-compete agreements, and executives and individuals seeking an exit. Our litigators recognize that there is no one-size-fits all strategy when evaluating non-compete agreements. We understand, in particular: 

Professional Negligence Claims

Professionals in highly skilled areas of medicine, engineering, business and investment face exposure when their judgments are called into question. Waller's lawyers work to be sure they have a complete understanding of the technical, as well as legal, issues implicated in professional negligence claims. The ability to explain complicated areas in a straightforward manner that can be understood by a judge or arbitrator is often the difference between winning and losing.


Claims of misrepresentation often are asserted in business litigation. Waller's lawyers have decades of experience in successfully challenging and defeating efforts to turn legitimate business disputes into fraud claims.

Violation of Statutes and Administrative Regulations

Waller's lawyers have extensive experience with federal and state regulations that provide fodder for claims by regulators and plaintiffs. We have found that in dealing with technical regulations, no substitute exists for actual experience and knowledge of how agencies and their counsel approach enforcement efforts.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Waller's lawyers understand the nuances of fiduciary duties and have worked with fiduciaries to prevent claims and resolve disputes. Unlike in other areas of law, armed with a good understanding of the indenture or other trust documents, Waller lawyers have been successful in using courts to provide authoritative guidance and reduce exposures to fiduciary clients in matters ranging into the billions of dollars.


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