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  • Welcome.

    Can lawyers be as formidable as a situation requires yet good-natured? We think so. We make our clients' stresses our stresses, their fights our fights, while keeping—for the most part—our sense of humor. Maybe that's why so many of our long term relationships begin with a single lawyer then grow to include several of our services.

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  • Working with LifePoint and Duke to Build a Major Network

    Waller has been working with Duke LifePoint Healthcare since the formation of this innovative partnership between Duke University Health System, one of the country’s leading academic health systems, and LifePoint Health, a leading hospital system with multiple hospital campuses across the United States.  Waller is honored to assist Duke LifePoint Healthcare in building a dynamic network of hospitals and healthcare providers that is quality driven, adaptive to change and financially strong. 

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  • Acadia Healthcare Continues to Expand its Network of Treatment Facilities

    On February 11, 2015, Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc., the leading publicly traded pure-play provider of behavioral healthcare services, completed its $1.3 billion acquisition of CRC Health Group, Inc., a Bain Capital portfolio company. Waller was honored to represent Acadia in the acquisition and to serve as sole legal counsel for Acadia in arranging the acquisition financing for the deal.

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  • Helping Music City Metals Protect Its Products

    Nashville-based Music City Metals has earned a reputation for quality as a manufacturer of original equipment and replacement gas grill parts for well-known companies like Weber, Viking, and Grillmaster. Over the past few years, however, competitors have tried using Music City Metals’ trademarks, product descriptions and artwork to sell inferior counterfeit products via online retail websites. With the assistance of Waller intellectual property attorneys, Music City Metals has been able to protect its product line – and its good name.

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  • Put our Service to the Test.

    At Waller, we strive to provide our hospitality clients with the same high level of service they provide to their guests. Our attorneys are dedicated to delivering reliable day-to-day operational, regulatory and strategic advice and legal representation to the hotel industry.

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  • Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense

    Surgery Partners, a long-standing Waller client recently sued by a disgruntled minority shareholder, engaged Waller to defend against claims of breach of fiduciary duty and contract as well as allegations of unfair competition.  Waller’s team, led by partner Jennifer Weaver, fought back by using the plaintiff’s improper conduct to get the entire case dismissed on summary judgment, in one of the strongest decisions protecting board decisions under California’s business judgment rule from a California state court. The court also awarded Surgery Partners its attorneys’ fees.  

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  • A Calm Approach to the Acquisition of Distressed Hospitals

    In today’s environment, healthcare providers face challenges from every direction.  For some, the hardships ultimately prove too great.  Waller’s long history of helping would-be purchasers of distressed healthcare providers includes recent successes in navigating a long-time investor-owned health system client through the complex world of “363” sales in the bankruptcy court, allowing it to acquire three Texas hospitals and immediately return them to profitability.    

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  • Bucking the IPO Trend

    In September 2016, Waller guided CapStar Financial Holdings, a long-time firm client, through its offering of approximately 3 million shares of the company’s common stock, which are now traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol CSTR. 

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  • Waller Lawyers Guide Athlon to Victory in Shareholder Dissent Suit

    When Athlon Sports Communications, Inc., faced a shareholder dispute that turned on the fair value of its stock, Waller assembled a team, led by Paul Davidson and Laura Merritt, to protect our client’s interests.  The dispute triggered significant factual discovery and required extensive expert inquiry into the fair value of the company’s shares.  Waller’s team prevailed at trial, and that outcome was recently affirmed by the Tennessee Court of Appeals in a ruling that sets important precedent in valuation cases. 

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  • Waller Lawyers Defeat Copyright Infringement Claim against Country Music Stars

    When country music star performers, hit songwriters and publishers behind a No. 1 hit song faced copyright allegations from a songwriter who claimed that her song had been copied, they turned to Waller’s team of seasoned intellectual property litigators to defend the suit.  Waller’s team, led by partner Robb Harvey, demonstrated that our clients were the true authors of their song and secured the dismissal of all claims. 

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