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Actions speak louder than words. The importance of diversity to our clients and our community is reflected in the Waller culture and way of doing business as exemplified by:

  • Being among the first firms in our community to elect female and African American partners
  • Signatory to the American Bar Association’s Commission on Disability Rights’ “Pledge for Change,” an affirmation of Waller’s commitment to disability diversity
  • Leading and financially supporting organizations devoted to women, blacks and Asians
  • Being the first law firm in Tennessee to provide scholarships for minority law students; for more than 20 years we have supported minority law students through scholarships and a $100,000 endowment fund
  • Presenting our annual community-wide Martin Luther King celebration where we reflect on our collective past and resolve to work united for a more just and equitable future--a moving and inspiring event
  • Respect for each individual's unique ethnicity, gender, culture, religion and talents fosters our good-natured culture and facilitates a robust exchange of ideas which, in turn, contributes to innovative solutions to our clients’ legal challenges
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Matthew Burnstein

"I like their diversity initiatives. I'm very pro-diversity, and they're very active on that front. They've done an excellent job." Client survey

Diversity Dialogue

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