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Healthcare Government Investigations

08.10.18"QAPI spells success for SNFs," Jeff Parrish in McKnight's Long-Term Care News
02.02.18"Measuring the Compliance Program's Effectiveness: Suggestions for the Board," By Fletcher Brown, BoardRoom Press
11.29.17In a rare move, the OIG rescinds a 2006 Advisory Opinion
03.02.17"Healthcare Providers Must Stay Current with State Legislative Developments" by Denise Burke, Jeff Parrish, Catie Lane Bailey on the Waller Healthcare Blog
01.19.17J.D. Thomas Posts, "Healthcare Industry on Pins and Needles: The Repeal of the ACA and What Comes Next" on Waller Healthcare Blog
7.16.15J.D. Thomas and Meredith L. Toole Posts "Tuomey Decision Signals Concerns About Stark Law" in Waller Healthcare Blog
6.16.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Long Sentences in Healthcare Fraud...Make for a Potentially Explosive Combination" in Waller Healthcare Blog
05.27.15J.D. Thomas Posts "OIG Issues Latest Report Targeting Dental Providers" in Waller Healthcare Blog
02.09.15J.D. Thomas Posts "Healthcare Fraud Enforcement and the DOJ’s Greatest Hits" in Waller Healthcare Blog
10.08.14"Conducting an Internal Investigation," co-authored by William Athanas, The Alabama Lawyer
10.18.13"Drafting Facility Policies for Returning Explanted Devices: Key Legal and Practical Considerations," Jennifer L. Weaver, Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law, Vol. 7, No. 1
09.13.13"How Implementing an Internal Investigations Policy Can Help Health Care Companies Reduce Risk and Expense," William Athanas and John Park, AHLA Connections
09.10.13"Hot Topics In Health Law: CMS Proposes Broadening Medicare Enrollment Restrictions To Combat Fraud," by John Arnold, Memphis Medical News
06.17.13"Legal Duties and Avoiding Liability: A Nonprofit Board Member Primer," by Paul S. Davidson and Tera Rica Murdock, Trustee magazine
05.15.13"Valuing Services Provided: FCA Damages in the Wake of United States v. Anchor Mortgage Corp.," co-authored by Jennifer Weaver, BNA's Health Care Fraud Report
05.03.13“Feds knocking? Be ready to respond,” by Richard W. Westling, Nashville Business Journal
01.01.13"The Duty to Preserve: Help Me Hold On," by Paul S. Davidson and Tera Rica Murdock, Healthcare Liability & Litigation
12.12.12“Indemnity Rights Under the False Claims Act: Fact or Illusion,” Paul S. Davidson, BNA’s Health Care Fraud Report
12.06.12“What Should Be Keeping You Awake at Night: Litigation Holds in Health Care,” by Paul S. Davidson and Tera Rica Murdock, BNA’s Health Law Reporter
10.05.12“Hard Truth About the False Claims Act,” by Jennifer L. Weaver, Outpatient Surgery
09.28.12“Quality of Care, Medical Necessity, and the Peer Review Process: A Compliance Risk that Every Hospital Should Understand,” Richard W. Westling, BNA’s Health Law Reporter
05.02.11CASINO ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE, "Enforcement of the FCPA Reaches Gaming Industry: The Las Vegas Sands Example"
04.27.11JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, "Corruption in Purchasing"
06.07.18Private Equity in Healthcare: Full Speed Ahead (with Guardrails): DOJ Complaint Highlights Regulatory Risks but Firms Should Stay the Course
02.17.14A Closer Look at the Two Midnight Rule as CMS Delays Enforcement Again Amid Legislative and Judicial Challenges
02.03.14CMS Halts Enrollment of New Home Health Agencies in Large Swaths of Texas, Florida and Michigan
05.13.13Jury Finds Tuomey Healthcare System Guilty of Stark and False Claims Act Violations Pursuant to Physician Employment Agreements
04.05.13Sixth Circuit Reverses $11.1 Million FCA Judgment Against MedQuest
03.28.13New OIG Compliance Podcast Offers Practical Suggestions to Healthcare Boards
03.04.13Qui Tam Lawsuit Could Signal New Era of Scrutiny for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
01.18.13HHS/Office of Civil Rights Once More Into the Breach
11.19.12Personal Care Services Under Scrutiny
11.14.12New OIG Report Cites $1.5 Billion in Inappropriate Medicare Payments to Skilled Nursing Facilities
06.19.12Waller Expands Into Austin, Texas
05.11.11Judge Acquits In-House Counsel of Obstruction Charges, Cites Need to Protect Attorney-Client Relationship
03.18.11Noted Healthcare/White Collar Defense Attorney Richard Westling Joins Waller Lansden
09.28.10Immigration Law Update: ICE Serves New I-9 Notices of Inspection, USCIS Announces Final Rule Adjusting Fee for Immigration Benefits
09.02.10FDA Issues Draft Guidance on New Nutrition Requirements for Restaurants and Vending Machine Operators [Withdrawn]
07.29.10Physician-Owned Enterprise Enters into $7.3 Million Civil Monetary Penalty Settlement with OIG
06.07.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 2, Companies with Ties to the Gulf Oil Spill Should Take Heed of Government's Recently Announced Criminal and Civil Investigations
06.03.10OIL SPILL LEGAL NEWS, Vol. 1, Widespread Legal Repercussions Expected from "Deepwater Horizon" Oil Spill
Media Mentions
08.09.18"LISTEN: Healthcare providers watching administration's movements closely," by John E. Haubenreich and Jesse C. Neil
07.20.18"The HCA Effect: How the hospital giant helped Nashville grow with it," George Bishop and Scott Rayson quoted in Nashville Business Journal
09.07.17"Prior Settlement Knocks Out Lawsuit Against Pediatric Providers" J.D. Thomas quoted in Bloomberg BNA
04.04.17"Tom Price might soften bundled payments, but healthcare orgs will stay the course," Colin Luke quoted in Healthcare Finance News
01.13.17"ACA repeal: Nashville's health care industry faces a defining moment" Colin Luke quoted in the Tennessean
01.02.17"Health Care Cases To Watch In 2017," Richard Westling and JD Thomas quoted in Law360
01.02.17"Health Care Policy To Watch In 2017," JD Thomas quoted in Law360
06.30.16"Fraud, anti-kickback penalties to double," Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Modern Healthcare
06.30.16"Fraud, anti-kickback penalties to double," Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Modern Healthcare
05.11.16"Senate Panel: Docs Owning Device Companies Have Conflict of Interest", Richard Westling quoted in Bloomberg BNA
01.05.16InCharge Healthcare 2016: Memphis Medical News Recognizes Denise Burke
01.05.16Richard Westling quoted in Law360 "Health Care Regulation to Watch in 2016"
12.28.15"Government health care fraud recoveries slide," Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Crain's Chicago Business
12.23.15InCharge Healthcare 2016: Nashville Medical News Recognizes Eight Waller Attorneys
12.01.15“This Nashville law firm is beefing up its efforts to keep health care providers out of trouble,” Patsy Powers and Richard Westling quoted in the Nashville Business Journal
11.21.15“Whistle-blower worries: Hospitals likely to see more False Claims suits tied to doctor compensation,” J.D. Thomas quoted in Modern Healthcare
11.10.15“Budget deal raises stakes for false claims, civil monetary penalties,” Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Modern Healthcare
10.16.15“Tuomey will pay U.S. $72.4 million to duck $237 million False Claims verdict,” J.D. Thomas quoted in Modern Healthcare
10.09.15"Cincinnati hospital to pay $4.1 million to settle claims for unnecessary surgeries," Jennifer Weaver Quoted in Modern Healthcare
11.25.14“Identifying trends in False Claims Act enforcement,” Jennifer Weaver quoted in Becker’s Hospital Review
09.30.14“Docs wary about release of payment data from drug firms,” Denise Burke quoted in The Tennessean
12.02.13“Narrowing the scope of CIDs,” Bill Athanas quoted in Healthcare Finance News
09.27.13"Waller's Health Care Chief Talks Industry Trends," Ken Marlow quoted in Nashville Business Journal
07.08.13"Avoid NPP-doctor supervision violations for diagnostic tests," Kim Harvey Looney quoted in Medical Practice Compliance Alert
06.10.13"Take 7 steps to protect your practice's NPI, DEA numbers," Colbey Reagan quoted in Medical Practice Compliance Alert
03.05.13"Developing a "Best-in-Class" Internal Investigation Policy," William C. Athanas and John Park quoted in Health Care Law Roundtable
02.25.13"Empowered by ACA, old fraud law puts new scrutiny on doctors," Kim Harvey Looney quoted in American Medical News
08.06.12“Drawing Attention: Whistle-blowers Follow Spotlight to Nashville,” Jennifer Weaver quoted in Modern Healthcare
04.13.18“Healthcare Compliance: Ideas for Protecting and Preparing for Success," Presented by Fletcher Brown, Texas Association for Healthcare Financial Administration (TAHFA)
02.16.18“What Were They Thinking? They Actually Did That! Yes, Ethics Matters!!!," Presented by Fletcher Brown, UMC Health System Board Education Workshop
10.29.17“Medical Necessity and the False Claims Act: Investigating, Proving, and Defending FCA Cases Involving Issues of Medical Necessity,” co-presented by J.D. Thomas at the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) Healthcare Enforcement Compliance Institute.
10.06.17“The Secrets of Open Meetings, Closed Sessions and Public Information,” Presented by Fletcher Brown, Texas Healthcare Trustee Webinar
10.04.17JD Thomas moderating "Medical Necessity and the False Claims Act - Lions and Tigers and Experts, Oh My." at the AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum
07.06.17“The Role and Responsibility of the Board,” Presented by Fletcher Brown2017 Healthcare Governance Conference
02.23.17“Top 10 Health Care Trends - 2017," Presented by Fletcher Brown, Mitchell County Hospital District Board Retreat
02.17.17“Healthcare Compliance: Ideas for Protecting and Preparing for Success,” Presented by Fletcher Brown, 2017 TAHFA and HFMA Lone Star - Lubbock Road Show
10.05.16"Fraud and Abuse and Managed Care," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 AHLA Fraud and Compliance Forum
04.21.16"Compliance Update," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 ADSO Summit
01.31.16"The Intersection Between Fraud & Abuse and Managed Care—A Crash Course on Compliance," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 2016 HCCA Managed Care Conference
10.07.15"Overview of Fraud and Abuse Laws," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 15th Annual TBA Health Law Primer
10.09.14"Government Perspectives on Healthcare Fraud and Enforcement," Moderated by J.D. Thomas, 26th Annual TBA Health Law Forum
10.08.14"Fraud and Abuse Laws: Examining a Hypothetical Physician Practice Acquisition," Co-presented by J.D. Thomas, 14th Annual TBA Health Law Primer
06.06.13"National False Claims Act and Qui Tam Trial Institute," Jennifer L. Weaver, Faculty Member, American Bar Association Center for Professional Development
05.16.12ABA 4th Annual National Institute on Internal Corporate Investigations and Forum for In-House Counsel
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